Under Review

This page lists all submissions to Neurosymbolic Artificial Intelligences, which are under review.

Tracking # Title Updatedsort ascending Comments
670-1650 Dual-Process Theories, Cognitive Architectures, and Hybrid Neural-Symbolic Models 04/Dec/2023 0
711-1691 A New Systems-theoretical, Mechanistic and Synchronic Processphilosophy 04/Dec/2023 0
665-1645 Machine Learning with Requirements: A Manifesto 04/Dec/2023 0
671-1651 On the Potential of Logic and Reasoning in Neurosymbolic Systems using OWL-based Knowledge Graphs 04/Dec/2023 0
668-1648 On the relevance of logic for AI: misunderstandings in social media, and the promise of neuro-symbolic learning 04/Dec/2023 0
672-1652 A Computational Perspective on Neural-Symbolic Integration 03/Dec/2023 0
669-1649 Deep Deductive Reasoning is a Hard Deep Learning Problem 03/Dec/2023 0
673-1653 Towards Semantically Enriched Embeddings for Knowledge Graph Completion 02/Dec/2023 0
662-1642 Towards end-to-end ASP computation 02/Dec/2023 0
674-1654 A Path Towards High-Level Reasoning Through Cognitive Neuro-Symbolic Systems 01/Dec/2023 0
694-1674 What can knowledge graph alignment gain with Neuro-Symbolic learning approaches? 01/Dec/2023 0
676-1656 Neuro-Symbolic Reasoning in the Traffic Domain 01/Dec/2023 0
684-1664 Knowledge Engineering in the Age of Neurosymbolic Systems 29/Nov/2023 0
697-1677 From Neural Activations to Concepts: A Survey on Explaining Concepts in Neural Networks 29/Nov/2023 0
695-1675 Benchmarking Neuro-Symbolic Reasoners: Existing Challenges and A Way Forward 29/Nov/2023 0
713-1693 Factorizers for Distributed Sparse Block Codes 28/Nov/2023 0
688-1668 A Neurosymbolic Approach to AI Alignment 28/Nov/2023 0
678-1658 A General Neural-symbolic Architecture for Knowledge-oriented Complex Reasoning 28/Nov/2023 0
691-1671 Towards a Neuro-Symbolic Cycle for Human-centered Explainability 28/Nov/2023 0
712-1692 Neuro-Symbolic Predicate Invention: Learning Relational Concepts from Visual Scenes 27/Nov/2023 0
675-1655 The Blessing of Dimensionality: Perspectives of Reasoning and Learning with Hyper-Dimensional Vector-Symbolic Representations 09/Nov/2023 0
683-1663 On the Multiple Roles of Ontologies in Explainable AI 30/Oct/2023 0
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