Towards end-to-end ASP computation

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Taisuke Sato
Akihiro Takemura
Katsumi Inoue

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Raghava Mutharaju

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Regular Paper


We propose an end-to-end approach for answer set programming (ASP) and linear algebraically compute stable models satisfying given constraints. The idea is to implement Lin-Zhao’s theorem [1] together with constraints directly in vector spaces as numerical minimization of a cost function constructed from a matricized normal logic program, loop formulas in LinZhao’s theorem and constraints, thereby no use of symbolic ASP or SAT solvers involved in our approach. We also propose precomputation that shrinks the program size and heuristics for loop formulas to reduce computational difficulty. We empirically test our approach with programming examples including the 3-coloring and Hamiltonian cycle problems. As our approach is purely numerical and only contains vector/matrix operations, acceleration by parallel technologies such as many-cores and GPUs is expected.

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